How to Connect a Wallet

In order to interact with the RIME protocol, you will need to connect a supported wallet. This guide will walk you through the process of connecting a wallet to RIME.

Step 1: Visit the RIME web app

Navigate to the RIME web app using your preferred web browser. The web app is where you will be able to interact with the RIME protocol and manage your loans.

Step 2: Select a wallet

At the top right corner of the RIME web app, you will find the "Connect Wallet" button. Click on this button to open a list of supported wallets. Select the wallet you would like to connect from the list.

Step 3: Connect your wallet

Follow the instructions provided by your chosen wallet to complete the connection process. This may involve entering your wallet's passphrase, scanning a QR code, or confirming the connection on your wallet's app or device.

Step 4: Confirm the connection

Once your wallet is connected, you should see your wallet address displayed at the top right corner of the RIME web app. This indicates that your wallet is successfully connected and you are now able to interact with the RIME protocol.

Disconnecting your wallet

If you wish to disconnect your wallet from the RIME web app, simply click on your wallet address at the top right corner of the app, and select "Disconnect" from the dropdown menu.

Please remember to always keep your wallet's passphrase and private keys secure, and never share them with anyone. By connecting a wallet to the RIME protocol, you are responsible for the security of your assets and the actions performed within the RIME web app.