How to Borrow RUSD

Follow these steps to borrow RUSD using RIME:

1. Prepare

Ensure you have connected a supported wallet and configured the appropriate network settings.

2. Access the RIME Platform

Visit the RIME platform at Navigate to the borrowing interface.

3. Select Collateral

Choose between CFX as your collateral.

4. Set Collateral Ratio

Set an appropriate collateral ratio. Keep in mind the importance of maintaining a sufficient collateral ratio to avoid liquidation.

5. Enter Borrowing Amount

Input the amount of RUSD you wish to borrow. Be aware of the minimum borrowing limits and associated borrowing fees.

6. Confirm the Transaction

Review the transaction details and sign it in your wallet. Once the transaction is successful, your collateral will be locked in the smart contract, and RUSD will be sent to your wallet.

7. Manage Your Loan

Monitor your collateralization ratio and make sure to maintain it above the minimum required level to avoid liquidation. You can manage your loan by adding or withdrawing collateral, or by repaying RUSD.

Visit the RIME platform regularly at to stay informed about your loan status and any updates in the protocol.