Partner Wallets and Interfaces

RIME Protocol aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for its users by partnering with various wallets and interfaces in the crypto ecosystem. These partnerships enable users to access RIME's services directly from their favorite wallet apps or other platforms, simplifying the process of borrowing RUSD, managing collateral, and participating in the Stability Pool or staking RMT tokens.

Supported Wallets

The following wallets are currently supported and integrated with RIME Protocol:

  • MetaMask: A popular browser extension wallet for Ethereum and compatible networks, available for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers.
  • Fluent Wallet: A browser extension wallet designed specifically for the Conflux network, available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Users can easily connect these wallets to the RIME platform and access its features without leaving their wallet interfaces.

Partner Interfaces

In addition to wallet integrations, RIME Protocol collaborates with other platforms and services to provide a more comprehensive experience for its users. These partnerships may include:

  • Portfolio management tools: Platforms that enable users to track their RIME Protocol positions, including borrowed RUSD, collateral assets, and RMT staking rewards.
  • Decentralized exchanges (DEXs): Integrations with DEXs allow users to trade RUSD and RMT tokens directly within the RIME platform or through the partner DEX interface.
  • DeFi aggregators: Platforms that aggregate various DeFi services, including RIME Protocol, enabling users to compare borrowing rates, collateral requirements, and other features across different protocols.

By partnering with wallets and interfaces in the crypto ecosystem, RIME Protocol strives to offer a seamless, convenient, and accessible experience for its users, making it easier to leverage the power of decentralized lending and borrowing.