Key Features and Benefits of RIME

Interest-Free Loans

Users can obtain RUSD loans at 0% interest by collateralizing CFX assets.

Flexible Collateral Options

RIME supports both Conflux (CFX) as collateral, allowing users to choose the best option for their needs.

Decentralized and Secure

Built on the Conflux blockchain, RIME is a decentralized protocol that prioritizes security and transparency.

Dynamic Liquidation Mechanism

The liquidation process in RIME is designed to be efficient and fair, helping to maintain the stability of the system.

Stability Pool

Users can participate in the Stability Pool to earn rewards from liquidations and contribute to the overall health of the RIME ecosystem.

RMT Token

The RMT token plays a key role in the RIME ecosystem, providing users with the opportunity to earn rewards through staking and participating in the Stability Pool.

Collaboration with Conflux

RIME has strong partnerships with Conflux, ensuring ongoing development and growth for the project.

Ease of Use

The RIME platform is designed to be user-friendly, with comprehensive documentation and support available to help users navigate the system.

These features make RIME an attractive choice for users looking to access interest-free loans and developers seeking to build on a cutting-edge decentralized lending platform. Explore the rest of this documentation to learn more about how RIME works and how you can get started.